Newest Member of Our Little Family

Sorry for the radio silence lately, but my life has been consumed with raising our new fur child. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen lots of Scout, our 3 month old blue heeler. Dave and I picked her up in the boonies of Ramona, California and immediately fell in love!

If you aren’t familiar with Australian cattle dogs (which most people don’t seem to be — we gets lots of “What is that?!” on our walks), they were originally developed by crossbreeding Collies with Dingos, and later with Dalmatians and Kelpies. They’re one of the top 10 smartest dogs. I’ve grown up with some smart dogs in my life (my first childhood dogs were a Rottweiler and a doberman, and of course my current Rottweiler, Frankie — who lives at my parents’ place if anyone is concerned where she went, haha), but there is nothing like a cattle dog. I’m starting to understand fellow owners’ obsession with the breed. I might be turning into a bit of a crazy dog lady. But training and spending my days with her has been so rewarding. They’re not kidding when they say these dogs are smart. Within a week of having her, she already mastered sit / down / stay / come / shake / leave it / bring it / drop it / crate / and every command I really need her to know. This breed is notoriously known for being “velcro dogs”, so you can be sure she follows me everywhere, sits at my feet while I work in the office, cuddles on the couch while we watch movies, and constantly looks up at me for approval and guidance. It’s uncanny how much she understands and how well we’re able to communicate with each other throughout the day.

I’m so looking forward to the journey this dog is going to take us on in the years to come.

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  1. She’s CUTE! My dog is a blue heeler, but we got him when he was an adult, which I feel like is why he isn’t so much of a velcro dog and mostly does his own thing : He is indeed super smart, though. Just doesn’t always come to his name. Here in Kansas and in Colorado, people lovvve blue heelers and I see them everywhere, but when we were in Oregon explaining to lots of potential housing complexes what kind of dog we have, no one seemed to know what they are? It was weird.

    • I was just noticing on your latest post that you also have a cattle dog! :) Yeah, my mom rescued an adult one before I was born and she said she also kinda did her own thing. I’ve know that they bond really tightly to one person, so I wonder if adult rescues have a harder time “re-bonding” as closely to someone else? Scout is 100% tuned in to me, and only listens to Dave half of the time. But I still have to prove to her every day that I’m in charge and worth listening to. Which really shows that strong willed / opinionated temperament they have.

      We don’t see many of them here in San Diego, mostly because of the smaller housing situations. Further inland where people have horses and cattle is where they’re obviously more prevalent. Unfortunately I think they’re starting to become a trendier dog around here where people really don’t have the room or lifestyle for them, so lots of them end up in shelters.

  2. Hands down my fav breed ever – love cattle dogs. Everyone cattle dog, I’ve ever meet has been super loyal to their owner which I think is such a sweet trait :) If I ever get a dog, I’m definitely getting a blue heeler or kelpie! Scout is such a cutie and I love the name!

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