Valentine’s Gifts for Your Strange Girl

I’m beyond #blessed to have a man who nurtures and encourages my weirdness. I mean, he gave me a dead skunk as a wedding present; took me to the Museum of Death for our 6 year anniversary; and during one of our early dating years I told him I didn’t want flowers for Valentine’s day, so instead he filled a mason jar with dirt and stuck in a few twigs and foxtail weeds. No one embraces my strangeness quite like this man.

Don’t know how to tell your own guy you want jewelry fashioned out of human teeth this Valentine’s day? Or don’t know what to get your odd lady? Check out my list of strange gift ideas for the girl who has everything weird.

1 // Indulge her affinity for the strange and unusual with this Freak of Nature crop top by Pretty Snake, featuring a pattern of familiar oddities and curious creatures.

2 // What girl doesn’t love getting jewelry for Valentine’s day? This beautiful buffalo tooth necklace capped with a gold filigree wrap has a special Victorian naturalist charm similar to the stag teeth jewels Prince Albert frequently gave his beloved Queen Victoria.

3 // And speaking of teeth, these human tooth rings are an especially sweet token of affection. Each real human molar is just as unique as your Valentine.

4 // Beyond the Dark Veil is a gorgeous collection of post mortem and mourning photography from the early 20th century Victorian era. Each image “speak[s] of love, loss, lives cut short, brave final hours, shattered families, and the depths of the human spirit.”

5 // This chic matte black porcelain doll head mug is the perfect gift for the freaky coffee or tea drinker in your life. She’s sure to think of you every time she takes a warm sip from it’s lifeless noggin.

6 // For Strange Women is a botanical perfume boutique that concocts scents reminiscent of antiquity and nature. Their solid scents are sold in beautiful Victorian lockets, bottles, and compacts; and the intriguing fragrance names range from “Satin Corset” to “Coyote” and “Horse”.

7 // This charming little beetle purse features a lovely screen print of a black stag beetle, a sexually ambitious insect that uses its signature antler-esque mandibles for courtship and battle against other males. So romantic.

8 // When in doubt, just get her a skull. Particularly an otter skull with gilded teeth. Bitches love skulls.

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  1. I wonder how I could nonchalantly get my boyfriend to see this post… things were so much easier when you could just leave a magazine out on the table.

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