Links I’m Lovin’

• If you’re a fan of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, here’s a fantastic article about another crematory operator, Lauren Rosen.

• This description is pretty much me to a T, it’s uncanny. 17 things that happen when you’re very overdriven yet also extremely lazy at the same time.

• Treated myself to these ghost Pokémon leggings to make working in my yoga pants all day a little more interesting.

• So inspired by yesterday’s home tour with Suna Lock. Love all the eclectic collections!

• Some great freelance tips on managing your client expectations. I’ve been doing something similar with outlining my process and it’s not only helped my clients better understand my workflow, but it keeps me accountable as well.

• I recently discovered the podcast Mystery Show and I’m obsessed. Hosted by Starlee Kine of This American Life, each episode sets out to solve a seemingly simple yet very personal mystery, like the disappearance of a neighborhood video store or the exact height of Jake Gyllenhaal (random, I know, but it’s brilliant).

• Gotta love all of Caitlin Doughty’s videos! This informative post about the foreskin wedding ring of St. Catherine is no exception.

Image source: Stuck with Pins

2 comments on “Links I’m Lovin’

  1. The article on being overdriven and lazy reflects my life so much it’s scary. I’d blame it on me being INTJ, but perhaps that’s me just being lazy? Ha. Great post! I love catching up on your blog.

    • I typically score as INTJ as well (although I’ve never taken the official MBTI – just condensed online versions). But that article described me better than any personality test ever has. I’d be interested to know if the article author is INTJ too.

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