Moodboard – Spiritual Empowerment

Long time no see! It’s been business as usual around here and I haven’t taken much time to blog. But I wanted to pop in and share a recent moodboard I finished up for a spiritual empowerment coach I’m working with to create her brand design. I’ve absolutely been loving this project and can’t wait to share the final piece.

The style is warm and earthy with a sense of mystical femininity. The black, white, and gold color palette brings in a classy elegance that will help widen the accessibility of the brand (rather than just appealing to “boho” spiritual types). The gold tones also evoke feelings of value and empowerment, reflective of the way women will feel through their experience with the coach.

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2 comments on “Moodboard – Spiritual Empowerment

  1. The colors are really well chosen as you describe the brand! Even before I read about it, I was attracted by these tones at first sight. I also like the hint of the style of a Moroccan riad, which is so well-balanced that the mood is not completely oriental (as it would suit a belly dancer for example). Really unique!

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