Recent Work – Arc & Ember

Finally getting around to queuing up some of the recent work I’ve finished over the last couple months. I’m really pleased to be able to share this project now that it’s officially been released.

Allison came to me needing a brand and style guide for a blog she was just starting to conceptualize – a space where like-minded women could connect and share stories. In her own words, she describes it as a “community for women who are connecting to their own bodies, strength, and magic.” I was excited about the possibilities for this design right from the first email.

We drew a lot of inspiration from the Victorian fascination with Joan of Arc as a sort of mythic representation of feminine power, and went with a style that was bold but still notably feminine, with a bit of a dark witchy undertone to it. For the logotype, the characters are appropriately bold and strong, but the italics and symmetrical swashes on either end bring a sense of mystical femininity to the letters. The icon features a flame framed by laurel leaves, tying in that medieval Joan of Arc vibe while also referencing the name “Ember”. The addition of the arrow was inspired by the fact that Joan was shot through the neck with an arrow but kept on fighting – pretty much the most epic representation of female power.

In addition to the logo, I also created a few other brand elements to use on the blog. (A&E’s current layout was not designed by me, but you can see a sample layout of the elements in use below.)

Be sure to check out and see how you can get involved!

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