20 Lapel Pins for Spooky Babes

I’m mildly obsessed with lapel pins right now – as is everyone with a leather jacket on Instagram apparently. If cutesy flaire of emojis and 90’s Leo DiCaprio aren’t your style, try these on for size. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite darkly beautiful and creepy cute enamel pins for all you spooky babes out there.

1. Hand Rose Card by Alice Ferrow // 2. Moth by Caitlin Stout // 3. Scorpion by Kristina Micotti // 4. Dagger by Shrimp Sauce // 5. UFO by Bermuda Press // 6. Raven Claw by Lady Bones Press // 7. Skull Moth Poppies by Shrimp Sauce // 8. Skull hands by Alida Bevirt // 9. Crescent Moon by Explorer’s Press // 10. Crying Heart by Cousins Collective // 11. Black Heart by Segovia Amil // 12. Matchstick by Knot to Self // 13. Beetle by Kristina Micotti // 14. Burning Candle by Rambling Hands // 15. Black Teardrop by Inner Decay // 16. Never Sleep by Ahoy Kollektiv // 17. Watch Your Step Coffin by Graves // 18. Raven by Jess Hrycyk // 19. Black Lipstick by TATY // 20. Burning Hand by Beeteeth

4 comments on “20 Lapel Pins for Spooky Babes

  1. I came across Segovia Amil’s pins last week and almost ordered one. I’ve also been eyeing this one from Victoria Clare Gray:

  2. I am quite a pin collector myself. A dear friend brought back a pin of the famous ‘Sagrada Familia’ Church in Barcelona by Antonio Gaudi. It is black and gold. I suspect real gold. It is ot spooky but the church itself has quite a history.

    I also have dozens of other pins, some I made, some were gifts, some I bought and some I found. I love pins. Thanks for sharing yours.

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