Corinne’s Birthday Wishlist

My B-Day Wishlist

One of my least favorite days of the year is quickly approaching – yep, my birthday. I hate getting older, and being reminded my 20s are rapidly slipping away from me. The only thing that makes it a little less depressing are gifts. The concept of birthday gifts is funny to me – they’re both congratulatory and sympathetic – “Congrats on surviving life thus far, and our deepest sympathies for another year closer to irrelevance.”

Haha. Birthday pessimism aside, here’s some pretty rad things I’ve had my eye on lately.

1 // Golden Protective Hand Ring, Kaye Blegvad
I have a bit of a hand fetish. I draw hands, collect hand figurines, wear jewelry featuring hands. So this little hand ring needs to be in my possession.

2 // Botanical Crop Top, Hanmattan
My closet has accumulated quite a few graphic crop tops that I pair with high-waisted skirts. This one featuring a botanical illustration would make a nice addition.

3 // Starburst Studs, Mason Grace Jewelry
These starburst earrings are way outside anyone’s budget, but I’ve been searching high and low for a pair of 8-pointed star earrings, and these gold and black diamond studs could not be more perfect.

4 // Dog Portrait Oil Painting, Alpen Antiks
I have a small collection of dog ephemera. It’s super silly, but one of the next collections I’m hoping to start is a gallery wall of vintage dog portraits. I just finished a dark and moody 18th/19th-century style portrait of Scout to kickstart the collection. But I’ll be keeping an eye out on our estate sale hunts for more.

5 // Joslin Pillow, Joanna Gaines
Although my personal style is darker and odder, I – like the rest of America – have fallen completely in love with anything and everything Joanna Gaines touches. (Anyone who doesn’t like the Gaines doesn’t have a soul.) These pillows are no exception. I’m dying for some high quality, neutral yet textural throw pillows for our gold velvet couch.

6 // Arsenic No. 17 Parfum, TokyoMilk Dark
TokyoMilk’s Dark collection has some of my favorite scents. I have this fragrance as the hand creme – notes of absinthe, vanilla salt, cut greens, and crushed fennel – but need the spray perfume now.

7 // Case Study Planter, Modernica
More than anything, I just want more plants and large cacti for my birthday.

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