Instafavorites – August

Now that I’m back into the swing of blogging, I want to do these Insta round-ups once a month. I’m addicted to Instagram and I love all the pockets of inspiration that can be found there. Here are a few of my favorite accounts as of late.


Kelsey has a beautiful lifestyle account full of succulents and greenery, adorable photos of her and her husband, and lots of great food photos. I pretty much fell in love with her account the moment I saw she had a chi rho tattoo on her thumb, haha. She also has a blog you should check out at


I follow a lot of taxidermists on Instagram, and somewhere along the way I stumbled upon Erica’s account. Her posts are always vague, but I love being able to see snippets of the behind-the-scenes work.


I also follow a lot of witchy accounts and Tilly is among my favorites. Her photos and artwork are haunting and ethereal. Check out her Etsy shop to find works for sale.


Another beautifully curated personal account, Krystel shares gorgeous pictures of her interiors, travels, and lots and lots of photos of the lush forests of Northern California.


I’ve been a longtime follower of Sandy and I can’t get enough of her Victorian style, antique finds, old book collection, pictures of Gothic architecture, and her adorable owl of a cat, Bella. She also sells some rad embroidery on her Etsy shop, Coven of Stiches.

Hope this round up has got you feeling inspired! As usual, if you have any favorite IGers, please share them with me!

Instafavorites – November

I’ve seen a few other bloggers doing these Instagram roundups, and I absolutely love the idea. Instagram is definitely my favorite social site for sharing photos, getting inspired, and building community with other creative minds all over the world. So I wanna share with you some of the inspirational, beautiful, and just plain awesome accounts I follow on the daily. Depending on how it goes, I might make this a monthly feature, so please feel free to share your favorite IG’ers and even your own account in the comments below! :)

I just discovered Becca’s feed this week and I’m officially hooked. Not only is she a kickass creator and curator of taxidermy art, she also does the most incredibly beautiful stick-n-poke tattoos I’ve ever seen.

I found Cat a while back via Bloodmilk and I fell in love with her desaturated foggy photos of the Pacific Northwest. Not to mention she’s absolutely adorable in a Zoey Deschannel meets Wednesday sort of way (haha). Plus her claws are fantastic.

Jessika is a dark artist and photographer from Sweden. Her images are gritty and haunting in the most beautiful way.

Mountaintalk’s feed is full of nature, wilderness adventures, and wwoofing in North Carolina. I can smell the mountain air, fresh chopped wood, and sweet pipe tobacco in every one of her photos.

Another Swedish artist specializing in gloomy and witchy imagery. Mimmi is so uniquely beautiful, even her mirror selfies take on a mysterious ethereal vibe.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little roundup! Please do feel free to share some of your favorites or even your own link below! :)