SoCal Beach Goth – Summer Wishlist

Guys, we’re fully submerged in summer now here in Southern California. The backs of my thighs stick to the office chair, the AC is on full blast through the night, and I regret neglecting my gym membership all winter and spring as I attempt to squeeze my ass into bikinis from years past. If you’re like me and aren’t totally stoked on the arrival of summer, this wishlist might get your inner beach goth excited.

1 // I just want to coverup from the sun while channeling Stevie in one of these magical fringe kimonos by She Vamps.

2 // Can never have enough bangles. I’m especially swooning over this black and gold etched stone set from Forever 21.

3 // Wide brim hats are an every day essential during summer (and all year round, if I have any say in it).

4 // Need an excessively large yet stylish bag to store all my summer survival gear in (sunblock, glass water bottle, sunglasses, touchup makeup when the heat melts it off, swimsuit for spontaneous pool hangs, portable blender for margaritas on the go, etc).

5 // Speaking of sunnies, I love these subtle cat eye sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.

6 // I have a Forever 21 ring addiction problem, but just look at this etched set!

7 // Really loving the halter bikini style right now and had to order this webbed swimsuit from Hurley. Protip: lots of items, including this one, are 50% off on Tilly’s website right now. Just got this set for $40!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you enjoy this summer weekend to the best of your ability. ;)

Valentine’s Gifts for Your Strange Girl

I’m beyond #blessed to have a man who nurtures and encourages my weirdness. I mean, he gave me a dead skunk as a wedding present; took me to the Museum of Death for our 6 year anniversary; and during one of our early dating years I told him I didn’t want flowers for Valentine’s day, so instead he filled a mason jar with dirt and stuck in a few twigs and foxtail weeds. No one embraces my strangeness quite like this man.

Don’t know how to tell your own guy you want jewelry fashioned out of human teeth this Valentine’s day? Or don’t know what to get your odd lady? Check out my list of strange gift ideas for the girl who has everything weird.

1 // Indulge her affinity for the strange and unusual with this Freak of Nature crop top by Pretty Snake, featuring a pattern of familiar oddities and curious creatures.

2 // What girl doesn’t love getting jewelry for Valentine’s day? This beautiful buffalo tooth necklace capped with a gold filigree wrap has a special Victorian naturalist charm similar to the stag teeth jewels Prince Albert frequently gave his beloved Queen Victoria.

3 // And speaking of teeth, these human tooth rings are an especially sweet token of affection. Each real human molar is just as unique as your Valentine.

4 // Beyond the Dark Veil is a gorgeous collection of post mortem and mourning photography from the early 20th century Victorian era. Each image “speak[s] of love, loss, lives cut short, brave final hours, shattered families, and the depths of the human spirit.”

5 // This chic matte black porcelain doll head mug is the perfect gift for the freaky coffee or tea drinker in your life. She’s sure to think of you every time she takes a warm sip from it’s lifeless noggin.

6 // For Strange Women is a botanical perfume boutique that concocts scents reminiscent of antiquity and nature. Their solid scents are sold in beautiful Victorian lockets, bottles, and compacts; and the intriguing fragrance names range from “Satin Corset” to “Coyote” and “Horse”.

7 // This charming little beetle purse features a lovely screen print of a black stag beetle, a sexually ambitious insect that uses its signature antler-esque mandibles for courtship and battle against other males. So romantic.

8 // When in doubt, just get her a skull. Particularly an otter skull with gilded teeth. Bitches love skulls.

Corinne’s Christmas Wishlist

This year, I don’t want a lot for Christmas *cue Mariah Carey singing*. The practical (work-related) things I really do want are a $2,000 85mm lens and a new $300 Canon printer, but I’ve maxed out my Santa card in the past and don’t expect any of these things to be coming down the chimney for me. Alas, it’s the season of giving/getting, and without a wishlist, family and friends constantly complain they don’t know what to buy, so here’s a little round up of some knick-knacks and accessories I’ve had my eye on, and hopefully inspire you to support a few of these small businesses during your own holiday shopping.

1 // I’m absolutely obsessed with this adorable bat sleep mask by Appendage. I’ve never slept with a mask, but I might need to since too much light comes into our cave in the early morning and it’s cheaper than buying new curtains…

2 // The Sick Rose by Richard Barnet is a beautiful collection of medical illustrations documenting nineteenth century diseases. To say I need this book in my possession would be an understatement.

3 // San Diego is super spoiled with tons of talented local artisans. JaxKelly is one of those artists and I swoon over all her earrings, including these gold dipped rose quartz, every time I see them at Pigment.

4 // Madame Talbot is an illustrative genius and curio extraordinaire (I don’t think there’s an oddity shop in America that doesn’t have her work on the walls). Her Victorian gothic posters are so unique and stunningly detailed. We already have the Lincoln Ghost Train framed in our middle room and get compliments on it all the time. I’d love to hang The Everlast Embalming Fluid print by our bar.

5 // Surrounding myself with beautifully designed things is important for my creative process — and that includes pretty office supplies. I’m in love with these gold shears from Target’s Nate Berkus collection and would be pretty excited to find them in my stocking — probably more excited than anyone could ever be about scissors.

6 // Have I told you how obsessed I am with Madame Scodioli? Oh yeah, I have. Well I was ecstatic when she started making spray perfumes, especially of Elyria, my signature scent of earl grey and lavender.

7 // Okay, I don’t expect anyone to spend over $200 on shoes for me this Christmas, but I can dream. I’m on the hunt for a nice (affordable) pair of metal toed boots like these Jeffrey Campbell Bentley-2.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far and keeping sane during their Christmas shopping!

Gift Guide for the Oddity Aficionado – Pt 2

Back again with more unique gifts for the collector of strange and unusual wonders! Last year, my curated list for Pinterest’s Holiday Giving Guide was a hit, so I’ve gathered up a few more curiosities to inspire your Christmas shopping for the oddity aficionado in your life. Check out the whole board on Pinterest!

1 // Natural Histories Book and Print Set – ModCloth | 2 // English Bulldog Anatomical Embroidery – HandmadeEntomology |
3 // Antique Edison Cylinder Record Canister – AllvintageMan | 4 // Real Vintage Armadillo Purse – Ebay | 5 // Pearl Beaded Roe Deer – Virginia the Wolf | 6 // Genuine Spiderweb Necklace – PreciousCreature | 7 // Antique Prosthetic Eye – The Twisted Eye | 8 // Bat Patch – Gerri Tullis | 9 // Rare Autographed Photo of “Penguin Girl” – diabolic | 10 // Antique French Hair Reliquary – Mercurysmoon | 11 // Antique Medical Lithograph Manikin – TrunkGypsies |

Corinne’s Current Wishlist

A few things I’m coveting right now.

1 // Obsessed with hand necklaces right now. I already have one, but this piece by Datter is just so cute and little!
2 // My jewelry taste has simplified over the last year. Loving these bronze and black tourmaline earrings by JaxKelly.
3 // Full on swooning over these bat wing heels by Jeffrey Campbell!
4 // I can’t get over how perfect this fringe kimono is. Shut up and take my money She Vamps!
5 // Antler mirrors are definitely what I’m missing from my bedroom collection.
6 // These “Decomposition books” by Bookbinders are adorable!