Gift Guide for the Oddity Aficionado – Pt 2

Back again with more unique gifts for the collector of strange and unusual wonders! Last year, my curated list for Pinterest’s Holiday Giving Guide was a hit, so I’ve gathered up a few more curiosities to inspire your Christmas shopping for the oddity aficionado in your life. Check out the whole board on Pinterest!

1 // Natural Histories Book and Print Set – ModCloth | 2 // English Bulldog Anatomical Embroidery – HandmadeEntomology |
3 // Antique Edison Cylinder Record Canister – AllvintageMan | 4 // Real Vintage Armadillo Purse – Ebay | 5 // Pearl Beaded Roe Deer – Virginia the Wolf | 6 // Genuine Spiderweb Necklace – PreciousCreature | 7 // Antique Prosthetic Eye – The Twisted Eye | 8 // Bat Patch – Gerri Tullis | 9 // Rare Autographed Photo of “Penguin Girl” – diabolic | 10 // Antique French Hair Reliquary – Mercurysmoon | 11 // Antique Medical Lithograph Manikin – TrunkGypsies |

Corinne’s Current Wishlist

A few things I’m coveting right now.

1 // Obsessed with hand necklaces right now. I already have one, but this piece by Datter is just so cute and little!
2 // My jewelry taste has simplified over the last year. Loving these bronze and black tourmaline earrings by JaxKelly.
3 // Full on swooning over these bat wing heels by Jeffrey Campbell!
4 // I can’t get over how perfect this fringe kimono is. Shut up and take my money She Vamps!
5 // Antler mirrors are definitely what I’m missing from my bedroom collection.
6 // These “Decomposition books” by Bookbinders are adorable!

Gift Guide for the Oddity Aficionado

Curious gifts for the collector of strange and unusual wonders! I curated a special board for Pinterest’s 2013 Holiday Giving Guide, full of unique odds and ends for that quirky someone who seems to have everything. Check out the whole board on Pinterest!

1 // Opium Tobacco Dragon’s Blood Candle – Witch City Wicks | 2 // Genuine Horse Skull – Pippa Marx Studio | 3 // Apothecary Poison Bottle – Goth Chic Accessories | 4 // Baby Doll Head Planter – Reshape Studio | 5 // Cicada Throw Pillow – Teagan White | 6 // Embroidered Skull Patch – Some Rabbits | 7 // Jackalope – Bill’s Bear Rugs & Taxidermy | 8 // Rabbit Skull Shirt – Fennec Design | 9 // Vintage Plaster Teeth Mold – Ivy Wilson | 10 // Vile of Bones – Cool Vintage | 11 // Astrological Jewelry Stand – Urban Outfitters | 12 // Soap – Sweet Petula | 13 // Cabinet of Natural Curiosities – Amazon

Corinne’s Current Wishlist

Feelin’ extra witchy lately. Must be that fall magic in the air. Here are some things that have currently got a spell on me.

1 // This incredible Cast Away gown by Free People is absolutely enchanting!
2 // I want this little batty bangle by Frosted Willow on my wrist right now.
3 // I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bar cart that fits my living room style and this wood and brass one by Target couldn’t be more perfect.
4 // I have a bit of a fixation with hand figurines. Love these cast iron wall hook hands from Modcloth.
5 // Really wanting a canvas and leather bag for carrying my laptop to class. Currently smitten with this coffee colored one on Etsy.
6 // Love these adorable little teeth earrings by Magic Circle!
7 // Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining just came out last month. That’s right. 36 years later, we find out how Danny’s been doing after the Overlook Hotel. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Doctor Sleep!

Corinne’s Current Wishlist

I’ve been on a major online buying spree lately. Mostly I just enjoy the feeling of getting something in the mail more than I like the actual items I’m buying. Here’s a few things I wish would magically show up in my mailbox.

1 // Why must this lovely chiffon dress from ASOS be so out of my price range? D: There’s something about the transition from summer into fall that makes me want to live in flowy long skirts and floral maxis for days.
2 // I’m super cheap when it comes to jewelry. I won’t usually spend over $5 for a ring, but these gorgeous one-of-a-kind gold-edged arrowhead rings from Lux Divine have been taunting and tempting me to break my budget all week.
3 // Wish no more! I just bought this goat skin rug on Ebay and can’t wait to have it in my home!
4 // I’m a sucker for designspiration books full of graphic eye candy like Little Book of Lettering. I also unfortunately passed up buying this Pictorial History of Horror Movies coffee table book at the swap meet and totally regretted not getting it. It’s full of full color pages of old horror posters!
5 // Smitten with this whimsical bat print by Emily Martin of The Black Apple. Might need to get it to decorate my new workspace.