Midweek Muse – Tamany Baker

Tamany Baker creates tiny funerary shrines and documents the macabre ‘gifts’ her beloved cat leaves for her in this morbidly charming photographic series Living with Wolfie. I’m absolutely smitten with these rodent memorials and I love Tamany’s synopsis for the series:

“At first, I experienced some kind of horror: these dead creatures waiting for me in different parts of my house. Then I looked at Wolfie and tried to understand the instincts which brought them there…. It may also be a way of acknowledging certain destructive behaviours within myself, as I become Wolfie’s accomplice in playing with the dead animals.”

See many more images from this series at www.tamany.net

Midweek Muse – Emma Kisiel

Emma Kisiel is a photographer who memorializes roadkill animals in her series entitled At Rest. Without disturbing the natural state of the bodies, Kisiel surrounds the misfortunate creatures with makeshift funerary flowers and stones at the original sites of their deaths.

“By surrounding the subject with living and fake flowers and stone markers, I elevate the often ignored and overlooked dead animal to the level of a human being and impart the beautiful grace of their fallen bodies. My photographs convey the sublime, the grotesque, and the lure of the macabre; we can hardly bear the visual of death, yet we cannot tear our eyes away.”

View more of Emma’s work and her other memento mori series at emmakisiel.com

Midweek Muse – Claire Morgan

Claire Morgan is a London-based mixed-media sculptural artist who creates incredibly intricate hanging installations using natural elements and taxidermy. There is a sense of antigravity and frozen movement in her works as animals fall, fly, and levitate through suspended structures. These structures are meticulously fashioned out of a vast array of organic materials, such as thistle seeds, strawberries, fruit flies, dandelion seeds, honey bees, leaves, and feathers. Her works represent the undefined boundaries of the natural world and the artificial world we have created.

See more of Claire’s work at www.claire-morgan.co.uk

Midweek Muse – Angela Singer

Angela Singer is a New Zealand-based sculptural artist and animal rights activist. You heard that right – taxidermy used for animal rights. While the primary medium in Singer’s work my be dead animals, her art serves as a controversial platform for voicing concerns about animal cruelty and destructive human relationships with nature.

Singer recycles old hunting trophy taxidermy and adorns them with jewels and flowers in a provocative display of manipulation and exploitation. Appalled by people’s general indifference for the suffering these hunted animals endured, she attempts to “make the trophy more controversial, give it greater presence and make it not so easy to ignore.”

See more of Angela’s work at www.angelasinger.com

Midweek Muse – Tessa Farmer

Tessa Farmer is a London artist who creates fanciful sculptures and hanging installations from insect carcasses, taxidermy, plant and other scavenged materials. She carefully crafts tiny skeletal fairies from these insect remains and places them in epic battle scenes with other creatures of nature.

See more of Tessa’s work at tessafarmer.com