Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Happy Friday everyone! Christmas is just around the corner. I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping yet, let alone started wrapping. But if you’re ahead of the game, I’ve created some freebie holiday gift tags to spruce up your packages. All you need to do is download the file, print it onto cardstock, cut ’em out, hole punch, and tie with string or twine. I have a few different options — big, small, colored, and lineart only. Feel free to use for all your personal gift wrapping needs!

If you use these these on your gifts, I’d love to see! Upload a photo and tag me on Instagram @stuckwithpins!

Recent Work – Halloween Party Flyer

While I’m spending all day baking delicious treats and preparing for another awesome Halloween party, I just wanted to pop in and share my latest poster/flyer/evite design. I went for something super simple this year with just an illustrated skull, some hand-drawn type, and an eye-catching textured background color. All elements were hand-drawn by me (the skull in Illustrator with my Waccom tablet, and the lettering by hand on paper).

Can’t wait to see all of my friends’ costumes, eat a sinful amount of desserts, and get a little tipsy for playing Cards Against Humanity. Hope every has a fantastic weekend full of Halloween scares!

Sketchbook – Sea Captain

A tattooed sea captain illustration for my friend Zach! Like I’ve mentioned before, I create a new drawing for him every year. This one has to be one of my favorites I’ve done so far. I figured I’d show a little peek into my process when I start these sorts of drawings. Typically I collage all my reference images in Photoshop and roughly sketch out other elements with my tablet so I have the freedom to digitally move things around and establish the composition before putting pen to paper. I create my first draft on tracing paper so I can still add any additional elements if I want without doing any erasing (I hate the damage and messiness erasing causes and try to avoid it as much as possible). When I’m happy with the final design, I redraw it onto the good paper by using a light table or window. Now you know! (Ref image of Ricki Hall by Rachel Naen)

My Work Inked – Fox Skull

Skulls will always be my favorite thing to draw! I loved creating this fox skull design for Amanda and appreciated the creative freedom she gave me to adorn it with florals and whatever elements I saw fit. I’m really adamant about developing designs that flow with the body, and I had the added challenge this time of designing artwork that worked off her existing tattoos. Amanda was concerned that any floral embellishments would clash with the flowers she already has, so I opted for some simple blossoms to provide a bit of movement up the arm.

The final tattoo was completed by Jeremy Corns of Anchored Tattoo in Spokane. He did an incredible job on the last client piece I designed, so I was excited to see the same amount of care and attention to detail applied to this piece as well.

If you’re interested in having me design a tattoo for you, shoot me an email with your ideas!

Recent Work – Skin & Bones

I realized I never posted the finished product of this charcoal piece I was working on last year. I had just moved into my new place and since our wifi wasn’t set up for over a week, I spent my days lying on the floor, covered in charcoal dust, sketching away. Charcoal became sort of an accidental love of mine. I got introduced to it in my general ed drawing courses. As a graphic design major, I felt these sorts of art classes were busy work wastes of time I could have better spent working on my actual field of study. But upon our first charcoal drawing project, I fell completely in love with the messy rawness and hands-on nature of this type of art.

It’s so important for graphic artists, especially commercial designers, to have another creative outlet aside from their typical medium or projects. If you’re doing the same types of things over and over again, you’re going to get burnt out. And exercising your creativity in an alternate form is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing and maintain your sanity.

I developed a sort of reputation in my class for always drawing skulls. I think people thought I had a morbid fascination with death (I do, but that’s not why I draw them, haha). I just love the light and dark values featured across the different shapes and grooves and cracks. I always think of this quote I had heard from Georgia O’Keeffe in a documentary about her art and her New Mexico home.

“Bones do not symbolize death to me. They are shapes that I enjoy. It never occurs to me that they have anything to do with death. They are very lively. And I enjoy them.” — Georgia O’Keeffe

Without philosophizing this piece way too much, I set out to draw forms I enjoy – skulls and the female figure. I love the way light favors both of these, making them equally sensual and beautiful. The reference image is a photo of myself and one of my skulls.