Moodboard – Arc & Ember

Just wrapped up a branding project for a blog client of mine, and I’m super excited to share the final designs! For now, here’s a look at the moodboard we developed for the look-and-feel. My client described the project as “a collaborative online space for women who are connecting to their own bodies, strength, and magic.” We drew a lot of inspiration from the Victorian fascination with Joan of Arc as a sort of mythic representation of feminine power. So we went with a style that was bold but still notably feminine, with a bit of a dark witchy undertone to it. Can’t wait to show off the rest of this project! :)

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Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Happy Friday everyone! Christmas is just around the corner. I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping yet, let alone started wrapping. But if you’re ahead of the game, I’ve created some freebie holiday gift tags to spruce up your packages. All you need to do is download the file, print it onto cardstock, cut ’em out, hole punch, and tie with string or twine. I have a few different options — big, small, colored, and lineart only. Feel free to use for all your personal gift wrapping needs!

If you use these these on your gifts, I’d love to see! Upload a photo and tag me on Instagram @stuckwithpins!

Recent Work – BrewPrint

Woo! I’m so excited to finally share this project with you all. Over the last couple months, I’ve been working with the (previously) A3D Labs team to develop a branding system and front-end UI design for a 3D printing app they’re in the process of engineering. The BrewPrint app will allow users to manage their print jobs, buy and organize models, and reward usage with “BrewCoins” that can then be used to purchase more filament in their store. The actual app is still in development, but here’re the designs I’ve created to get them started.

For the brand identity, they wanted something fresh, energetic, people friendly, and approachable — something that would help make the technology feel more accessible, easy to understand, and also fun to use. The playful organic hand-drawn lettering was inspired by contemporary beer branding and craft breweries, while the nice clean lines of the symbolic mark acknowledge the technical preciseness of 3D printing. The circular symbol depicts a wheat stalk (a literal interpretation of the word “brew” that also symbolizes creative growth) with expressive lines radiating on the other side to convey a sense of “bright ideas” and energy.

I wanted to stray away from the typical 3-dimensional design elements commonly used by other 3D printer companies, and instead used very simple flat lines for the logo and supporting icons. The bubbly feel of the icons and the energetic color palette help make all the technical information feel less like a sterile device manager and more like a mobile game.

Moodboard – BrewPrint

I’m finishing up gathering the results from my reader survey, and one of the most frequent requests was that I post more of my design work and more of my process. Ask and you shall receive!

Here’s a moodboard for a project I’ve been working on for the last couple months developing the branding system and UI for a 3D printing app. You may have remembered me post a similar board for a similar company. Welp, this is the same company, except they’ve decided to take an entirely different route with their model. Rather than introducing a new 3D printer to the market, they’ve instead developed 3D printing software. We stuck with the same general vibe of the previous design concept (energetic, people friendly, and approachable – technology with the human element) but this time, played off the name BrewPrint to bring in some fun stylistic elements of craft beer.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little sneak peek! I’ll be sharing more from this project next week!

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Halloween Pinspiration – The Mad Naturalist

As much as I absolutely love Halloween, I loathe most of the tacky decor that starts popping up on my Pinterest feed when October rolls around. In past years, I was inspired by the sophisticated appeal of a shabby-chic-all-white Halloween. This year, I’m feeling something a bit darker. Admittedly, my house already looks like this year round. But I wanted to lend some inspiration your way for those looking for a change of scenery from all the orange and black.

✳︎ Dusty Books

Try decorating with tattered books. Not all of us live in a library of antique vellum bound books, so instead take some old reads, scuff up the covers, and stain the pages with tea. Line your shelves with them or stack other spooky items on top with the stained pages turned out.

✳︎ Mysterious Bottles

Tell me I’m not the only one obsessed with old bottles? Authentic antique medical bottles can cost a pretty penny. Save glass around the house (wine, liquor, jars, etc) and make your own props by painting them matte black, rolling ’em in dust, and maybe even printing and distressing your own labels.

✳︎ Scientific Illustrations

I love love love the Victorian charm of vintage biological illustrations. The Biodiversity Heritage Library has a plethora of high resolution zoological, botanical, and entomological scans available on their Flickr. Print out some creepy crawlies and frame them on your mantel, or even decoupage them on a pumpkin.

✳︎ Cobweb-covered Curiosities

If you’re a collector like me, then you know how easy it is decorating for Halloween. Stretch some cobwebs thinly over your curios and call it a day.

Happy decorating everyone! I’d love to see any of your Halloween crafts and displays, so leave a link in the comments. :)

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