Being As An Ocean Tour – Part 2

Round two! This portion of the tour was bittersweet. We said goodbye to our friends in Heart to Heart and Counterparts, and finished out a few festivals with Hundredth. I’ve said it a million times before, but making friends on tour is strange. You get so close in such a short period of time and then you maybe never see each other again. With that being said, during these two fests, I reconnected with a bunch of band friends I haven’t seen in forever. It was so good getting to watch my boys in MyChildren MyBride play again and spend some time catching up. I also never thought I’d see my gypsy comrade Giuseppe again after Haste the Day’s farewell tour over 3 years ago, but our paths crossed yet again at Alliance Fest and we bonded over bones and speakeasies. While in New York, a few friends from home happened to be on tour in the area as well and met up for some quick hangs. While I’m sad I rarely get to see these people, I’m incredibly blessed to have had the opportunities to make such awesome friends all over the country and continue to meet new and exciting people on these crazy adventures.

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Being As An Ocean Tour – Part 1

It’s been over a month since I was traveling around the US in a van with Being As An Ocean, and I finally have all the photos finished up for sharing! Thanks for bearing with me. The tour was incredible. Most shows were entirely sold out, and their fans brought so much energy set after set. I loved watching these guys every night and seeing how much their music impacted the crowds. Kids would literally be in tears in the front row as Joel shared the mic with them, screaming powerful lyrics about hope and redemption.

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Band Promo – Hello Highway

Hello Highway is the Southern California piano rock project of Daniel Sumstine. Mutual friends apparently pushed him to finally set up a session with me for his new album Timeless, and I’m glad they did, because this shoot helped reignite my enthusiasm about my commercial work.

When Daniel first contacted me, I knew exactly the look he was going for, so we headed out to Moonlight Beach around sunset in hopes of getting those bright warm sun flares I’ve become so notorious for overusing. Much to my initial dismay, when we got there, the clouds came rolling in and grayed out the sun-kissed sky. Rather than haul out my equipment and shoot the same old photos I’ve been taking for the last year, I was actually forced to think on my feet and get creative with the new atmosphere. Daniel made it so easy to get awesome shots and it was such a breath of fresh air to work with a photogenic single subject who took direction well and offered up his own creative visions. Shoots like this make me remember why I love doing what I do.

I also created his album artwork using these images, so I’ll be posting that here soon!

Band Promo – Good Morning Orbit

Good Morning Orbit is an alt rock band from Orange County that commissioned me to shoot some promos for the release of their new album. I hadn’t shot at this location in a long time but I figured you can never go wrong with warm fields and sunflares.