Being As An Ocean Tour – Part 2

Round two! This portion of the tour was bittersweet. We said goodbye to our friends in Heart to Heart and Counterparts, and finished out a few festivals with Hundredth. I’ve said it a million times before, but making friends on tour is strange. You get so close in such a short period of time and then you maybe never see each other again. With that being said, during these two fests, I reconnected with a bunch of band friends I haven’t seen in forever. It was so good getting to watch my boys in MyChildren MyBride play again and spend some time catching up. I also never thought I’d see my gypsy comrade Giuseppe again after Haste the Day’s farewell tour over 3 years ago, but our paths crossed yet again at Alliance Fest and we bonded over bones and speakeasies. While in New York, a few friends from home happened to be on tour in the area as well and met up for some quick hangs. While I’m sad I rarely get to see these people, I’m incredibly blessed to have had the opportunities to make such awesome friends all over the country and continue to meet new and exciting people on these crazy adventures.

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Being As An Ocean Tour – Part 1

It’s been over a month since I was traveling around the US in a van with Being As An Ocean, and I finally have all the photos finished up for sharing! Thanks for bearing with me. The tour was incredible. Most shows were entirely sold out, and their fans brought so much energy set after set. I loved watching these guys every night and seeing how much their music impacted the crowds. Kids would literally be in tears in the front row as Joel shared the mic with them, screaming powerful lyrics about hope and redemption.

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Current Work – The Chariot Live Music Video

The Chariot just released their new live music video that Zach and I shot back in October at Chain Reaction. I always love working with these guys. Their shows are pure unadulterated insanity. I spend the entire time dodging flying guitar headstocks and the influx of stage divers.

The guys were on their tour for the release of One Wing and realized they hadn’t released any video footage for the new music. So Josh had Zach and I come out and document the chaos that is a Chariot show at Chain Reaction.

Video footage by me, Zach Andrews, and Matthew Lindblad
Post-processing by Zach Andrews

White Horse Sessions w/ Miss Erika Davies – SD Sound System

A few months ago, Preston of Vessel Drums had me come out to White Horse Studios to shoot some photos of one of his drumkits being used during a video session with Miss Erika Davies. My fellow photog friends, Kevin and Rebecca Joelson, have been working on this awesome project called San Diego Sound System – a new online music show featuring local talents in the San Diego scene (you can watch the pilot video here on Vimeo). Everything these two do is nothing short of pure gold, so I was excited to watch them work and even more excited when they put me to work shooting some video clips for Miss Erika’s session (watch it here). Here are some stills I took during the shoot!

Watch video: White Horse Sessions w/ Miss Erika Davies “Robot Girl”
Watch video: Sound System Sizzle Film