Wildflowers : Becka Palter & Heidi Jane

Conceptual Shoot

Southern California is bursting with color in every unexpected corner after the much needed rain we had earlier in the year. Standing in the valleys, you can see splashes of yellows and orange against the hillsides. And wildflowers speckle every patch of lush green grass along the highways.

Heidi, Becka, and I did a bit of light trespassing and played in these gorgeous fields right around sunset.

Model: Becka Palter + Heidi Jane // Styled + photographed by Corinne Alexandra

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Milkweeds : Becka Palter

Conceptual Shoot

Feels good to be exercising my creative muscles more this year. Last year, I was all about the daily work hustle, I hardly spent any time diving into personal passion projects. And it was majorly depressing. This shoot felt like my creativity came out of hibernation.

I dumped a half gallon of about-to-expire milk into my bath and tangled a bunch of dead flowers I had around the house into Becka’s hair. Apparently that’s the recipe for magic, cuz I couldn’t be happier with the way these turned out.

Model: Becka Palter // Styled + photographed by Corinne Alexandra

Flying with Sam Golden

My friend Sam officially earned his FAA certified Commercial Pilot license after 5 years of hardwork and dedication. In celebration, we did a commemorative photoshoot (technically this was meant to be his Christmas present last year — but now we had an even better reason to finally shoot!). Sam flew us out to a short landing strip in the middle of the nowhere, surrounded by nothing but desert and bare mountains. Such a fun afternoon and so exciting to fly over our beautiful city in this little plane!

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“Mediocre Shakespeare” Music Video for Being As An Ocean

I’m so excited to announce that the official music video I styled and directed for Being As An Ocean is now live! Thanks to the talented Michael Ko for filming, editing, and making my crazy ideas come to life (not to mention putting up with all my nit-picky revision requests). And thanks to the beautiful Alexandra Sweiss for being such a trooper walking barefoot through oak leaves and gettin’ weird in the forest.

I had such a fun time creating this headdress, hauling my curios out into the woods, and seeing all of it come to life in the final video. Check it out below!

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This bison jawbone recently joined my dead collection and I knew I needed to use it in some self-portraits. I was really inspired by Sylvia Ji’s “Shapeshifter” series last year, but never got around to creating my own photographic rendition of “Red Caribou”. So when brainstorming makeup ideas, I was immediately drawn back to the gorgeous red tribal face paintings featured in her works.

After I had coated my face in lipstick and shed a few tears putting these contact lenses in, I realized I left my Cyber Syncs in my boyfriend’s car and wouldn’t be able to use my lights. Rather than postpone this idea after all the hardwork I already invested, I decided to manipulate all natural light like the good ol’ days! And actually, I’m glad I didn’t use strobes. I couldn’t be happier with the way these came out!