Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Had so much fun at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim this last Saturday! The show was sold out and packed full of fans from all generations. Obviously this year is a special time for the Star Wars universe with The Force Awakens continuing the original saga in Decemeber, so it was awesome to be a part of that excitement and energy, especially after the premiere of the new teaser on Thursday. Definitely didn’t get tired of hearing people randomly shout out “Chewie, we’re home!” throughout the day, haha.

The days leading up to Saturday, I tuned into the live stream to catch the panels from the comfort of my own home rather than waiting in long lines at the con (wish all cons did live streams like that!). We spent the majority of our SWCA experience wandering the exhibit floor, checking out fan-built droids, snapping pics of costumes and set replicas, swooning over fan art (particularly this adorable painting of a creature carousel by Christian Slade), and searching through the stores for ewok action figures and vintage Micro Machine play sets. We ended the night by watching Empire Strikes Back in a huge theater full of die-hard Star Wars fans and it was the best thing ever.

Also, if there’s not enough Star Wars things to be excited about, check out this leaked teaser for Rogue One, the first standalone film in the Anthology series. Bonus – it’ll feature a female lead. Lots of girl power coming up in the new Star Wars movies!

Life Lately – 23

Let’s just pretend I haven’t been really bad at keeping up with this blog. Okay, cool. Moving right along then.

I’m officially a college graduate! I wasn’t sure whether to end that statement with an exclamation mark or an ellipses. The excitement was quickly met with an anxiety about the future as family and friends celebrated with me, then asked, “So what’s next?” Hell if I know. So the last couple weeks have been spent trying to figure out my life and get my post-grad shit together.

If anyone has a magic formula for doing so, please feel free to share.

In An Instant: 1// A quick skullfie before my last day of class. 2// How I would have decorated my grad cap, but I saved my family the embarrassment. 3// Finally got my hands finger on Blood Milk‘s rose gold Belonging to the Darkness ring I’ve been lusting after for forever. :swoon: 4// The week following graduation was entirely spent gearing up for the San Diego AIGA portfolio review. 5// Currently obsessed with Lime Crime‘s Salem matte lip stain and Contrived to Charm‘s bat belt. 6// So excited to shoot with my new Hold Fast MoneyMaker camera holster and look totally BA in the process.

Links I’m Loving:
• SDSU Launches New Course in Zombie Culture – FearNet (Seriously?! This just so happens to come out AFTER I graduate?)
• 50 Ways to Kick Blogger’s Block – Gala Darling
• #YesAllWomen – Gina Denny (In light of the recent shooting, this is an important issue everyone should be aware of.)
• The Realily of Owning Your Own Business – Love Grows Design
• 10 Job-Hunting Tips – A Beautiful Mess (I don’t read many articles on ABM anymore, but this was a good one.)

Words of Wisdom: “Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”Unknown


What’s everyone been up to while I’ve been MIA? I look forward to getting back into this blog and reconnecting with you guys.

Life Lately – 22

Amidst wrapping up this final semester of design school, compiling and reworking projects for my portfolio before the spring show, designing lots of work for current clients, and trying to plan a wedding, blogging has fallen way WAY low on my priority list.

Since setting my blog to the side, life has sped up exponentially. Weeks go by like days and the month is gone in a blur. Before, blogging gave me an opportunity to reflect on each day and slow things down just enough to see what was going on around me. Lately I’ve been keeping my head down, chiseling away at the mound of responsibilities, never taking a step back to appreciate and admire what I’ve accomplished. And it’s sort of depressing.

While I definitely do not have the time to blog nearly as frequently as before, I want to make the time to reflect, make the time to appreciate all I’ve managed to accomplish, make the time to enjoy this incredibly busy yet exciting season of life. So much is happening right now and I want to be able to look back on it with clarity and fond memories, not workaholics amnesia.

All of that to preface, life has been so good! My studio courses are pushing me to grow as a designer, and I’ve been bringing a whole new level of professionalism to my freelance work. I’m working on a bunch of client projects and revamps of old personal projects I can’t wait to share. Wedding planning is starting to get crazy. I just got our save-the-date postcards, am finishing up our wedsite, and finally picked a dress! Our super ridiculously awesome church has had so many incredible world-renowned guest speakers lately (Ben Donovan of Generation Church in Manchester; Brian Houston of Hillsong in Australia; Phil Pringle of C3 in Sydney; Greg French of C3 in Oxford Falls, Sydney) and it’s left me feeling so pumped the last couple weeks. Oh, and my 23rd birthday was this month. Still working on a new 23 before 24 list (if I ever get make the time to finish it). More to follow. :)

In An Instant: 1// Designed our save-the-date postcards and even shot our own engagement photos. Either I’m a DIY lunatic, or I have control issues… 2// A squished white-lined sphinx moth. Thinking of getting some entomology pins to start preserving these kinds of finds. 3// Pretty proud I managed to finish painting my nails without messing them up once. 4// Got my new logo made into a rubber stamp a few weeks back and I’m super stoked on it! 5// Ordered a pillow with my charcoal drawing on it from Society6 and love the way it turned out! 6// Relics from my childhood. The strange, contextless things I kept in a jewelry box when I was a kid.

Links I’m Loving:
• On Being Busy – The House That Lars Built
• American Horror Story Announces the Season 4 Theme – FearNet (So freaking excited!)
• The Commitment Phobic Creative – Braid Creative (I’m guilty of so many of these, but I’m working on it!)
• Do Something You Love – On Eating Elephants (Really loving my friend’s new blog project. Super inspiring!)
• Coaching for Creatives: Behave Yourself – And Kathleen (Behave like what you want to be and you will be)

Words of Wisdom: “Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. It empties today of its strength.”Mary Engelbreit


Hope everyone has been having a great last couple weeks! :)

Life Lately – 21

To say that life has been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Over the last several weeks I’ve neglected this blog, I’ve been spending time outside the computer working through the daily grind, laughing, crying, creating, celebrating, planning, worrying and stressing, and making time for much-needed carefree adventures.

Dave lost his job the day before my last post, and it’s completely catapulted our world into the unknown, rattling our comfortable routines, and leaving us with no other choice but to put our trust entirely in God. While at first there were tears and frustrations, we’re both experiencing such a sense of peace now knowing bigger and better things are to come.

In the mean time, this period of transition has given us a chance to take a break and experience life in a fresh way. We’re focusing on the relationships in our lives, spending more time with friends and family, getting outside and spontaneously exploring new places, and working on exciting plans for our wedding and our future. There’s something so freeing about uncertainty when the boundaries of routine no longer dictate your every move. While of course Dave is starting to itch for the security of a paying job again, we’re enjoying the time we’ve been given to reevaluate our priorities and live a fulfilling life outside our jobs and daily responsibilities. I’m reminded of an awesome, albeit cliche, mantra: “Work to live, don’t live to work.”

In An Instant: 1// Keeping busy with lots and lots of inspiring projects over here. Including a botanically inspired illustration for a symphony poster. 2// Taking on the challenge of shooting our own engagement photos. Must have skulls and antlers, of course. 3// Tasting some pistachio macarons as a dessert candidate for our wedding. 4// Valentine’s day gifts from my man! A beautifully designed copy of Dracula, a deer vertebrae in a fox jar, and my own baby meerschaum tobacco pipe shaped like a stag. 5// Getting consumed by the forest. 6// We took a trip 9 hours up the coast to Big Sur on Valentine’s day to set up a tent in the dark and camp in the redwoods. I want to explore the whole world with this man by my side.


With things being so crazy right now, I don’t know how often I’ll be posting. But I do have lots of fun stuff I want to share in the coming days. So stay tuned! :)

Life Lately – 20

I was embarrassingly out of breath as I huffed and puffed my way up the stairs to campus on Wednesday, wielding a portfolio folder bursting at the seams with my entire body of work created during my time as a design student at SDSU. And thus marked the beginning of my final semester of college.

This is it. All those years finally coming to a close. I’m excited and inspired and terrified and wildly eager to dive into the world that is life after school. It’s incredible to think that I’ve spent the last 20 years and almost my entire existence in school, every waking day structured around class schedules, spring breaks, and summer vacations. To have my own time to figure out what to do with will be an adventure in itself.

In the mean time, I still have 4 months to soak up as much knowledge and experience and inspiration here at State before graduation. I’m taking a design studio course, a creative essay class, and senior portfolio. More importantly, I plan to push my skills and expand my projects farther than I ever have in the past, break down personal barriers that have prevented me from taking risks and experiencing growth, and finish out this chapter of my life with a bang.

In An Instant: 1// Midday creative meetings are great when you’re sippin’ bourbon with egg white and peach bitters. 2// Ghostly selfies. 3// In case you missed it, check out the nifty cigar boxes Dave and I made for his groomsmen. 4// Doggies begging for pretzels at creative team meeting. 5// Dave treated himself to the new iPhone and it’s got him taking all sorts of artsy photos. Love this one he snapped of me at our church’s after party. 6// A fresh new sketchbook for 2014. I hate first pages.

Links I’m Loving:
• How to Stop Giving a F@$% What People Think – Sean Kim (Can never get enough articles about DGAF-ing.)
• Top 8 Beauty Trends Men Hate – tadelesmith (Haha, so good! Especially after my appearance on Huffpost.)
• Land Your Dream Clients: Prove You’re Capable of Greatness Through Self-Initiated Projects – Nubby Twiglet
• 10 Tips for a Productive Life – A Beautiful Mess
• Super Low-Budget Fan Remake of ‘The Thing’ – Fearnet (Do I rave enough about how much I swoon over cheesy horror FX?)

Fast Forward:
» I’m really looking forward to this creative informal essay class. (I’ll write more about why in another post!) Even though I write for my blog nearly every day, I feel like my life has been lacking creative writing.
» Business is really booming lately! I recently restructured my entire business model and it’s yielded incredible results. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner! I’m so excited to work on the design projects I just took on.
» Dave and I are brainstorming some ideas if he were to start selling his UH-mazing homemade beef jerky. We already have so many ideas for branding and packaging that I can’t wait to expand on.

Words of Wisdom: “You’ll worry less about what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.” - David Foster Wallace

Share Your Story:
Got any big changes you’re excited for in 2014? Talk with me in the comments below!