Outfit : Ace of Spades

After recently “minimalizing” my wardrobe, my closet is a sea of black with just a few pops of burgundy and olive. That’s about as colorful as I get. So when Coach wanted to send me a Dinky crossbody bag from their pre-spring 2017 collection, this bordeaux / oxblood red was the only color calling my name.

Now I’m not normally a designer bag type of girl (I typically wear my $20 off-brand purses until they’re literally falling apart and the pleather is disintegrating) but I’m really loving the classic, simple, and sleek look of this piece.

Honestly, I know nothing about classic fashion and even less about designer brands, so I won’t shit you about the “timeless”ness of this bag. But what I do know is: this purse totally takes my daily grungy band tee and ripped jeans look to a whole other level. I actually appear thoughtfully put together and fashion-conscious despite living in this same outfit for three consecutive weeks! And that, my friends, is reason enough to check one out for yourself.

Bag: Coach // Leather Jacket: Muubaa // Hat: Forever 21 // Boots: Steve Madden // Jeans: H&M

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Outfit : Dark Days with Tobi

On Edge Slit Midi Dress c/o Tobi

More pieces courtesy of Tobi! I’m always afraid of picking bodycon dresses from online stores that I know don’t cater to curvy figures. It’s usually a gamble knowing it won’t look anything like it does on the model once I’m done filling it out. But in the case of this dress, I’m pleasantly surprised at the fit. Hello hourglass curves! I’m getting Morticia Addams at cocktail hour vibes from this one. Just me?

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Heels: Audrey Brooke // Sunglasses: Moorea Seal

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Drop In Oversized Tee c/o Tobi

I am OBSESSED with this oversized tee. The first time I wore it, a woman grabbed me and insisted I trade clothes with her right there on the street, haha. Since then, it never fails to catch a handful of compliments while I’m out. Funny how something so simple can make such a statement. Since the fabric is ultra light and sheer, I dressed up the underside with high waisted black shorts and a strappy lace longline bralette. And of course for optimal witchy vibes, I have to wear my signature hat and moon necklace. ;)

Oversized Tee: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Booties: Report

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post provided by Tobi, but all opinions are my own – I really do love their clothes. ;)

Outfit : Strappy with Tobi

Laced Up High Shift Dress c/o Tobi

Back at it again with another style collaboration with Tobi! I absolutely love all their black dresses with interesting details. An all-black wardrobe can start to feel a bit repetitive, so I look for unique takes on simple pieces – like the eye-catching effect of this deep-plunging lace up front. Shift dresses are not usually my thing since they can look a tad boxy, but this dress shows off the right amount of skin to keep it flattering.

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Boots: Nocona Boots (thrifted)

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Dusk to Dawn Maxi Dress c/o Tobi

Another strappy piece I had to have! I pretty much lived in long flowy maxi dresses all summer, but this one really made a statement with its super open back and criss-cross straps (my husband had to help lace me into it the first time I wore it, haha). I love the peacock-style crochet detailing on the front and the lightweight gauzy fabric. It even pairs nicely with a leather jacket, so I’ll be taking this style with me into Fall.

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Leather Jacket: Muubaa // Wedges: Mossimo

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Shop more pieces at tobi.com and take advantage of their awesome deals. For your first order, you’ll get 50% off.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post provided by Tobi, but all opinions are my own – I really do love their clothes. ;)

Black on Black and Sometimes Olive

Black Solange Tunic Dress c/o Tobi

I was thrilled when Tobi reached out to me collaborate on a few looks. They have a wide selection of great pieces to choose from – even for this all-black-wearing vamp. I had a difficult time picking from all of their beautiful black dresses, but this asymmetrical tunic dress really stood out and I knew it’d pair awesome with my favorite leather jacket. This piece has become a regular in my weekly wardrobe rotation for an effortless yet bold look.

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Leather Jacket: Muubaa // Boots: Steve Madden

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Olive Fully Flared Day Dress c/o Tobi

For my second piece, I picked this simple olive day dress. Obviously, I’m very into the causal dress vibe lately. Real talk – a big reason I stopped doing wardrobe posts was because I fell victim to newlywed weight gain (#happyweight) and felt shitty about myself in almost all my clothing. I’ve learned to pick pieces that work for my curvy yet petite body type, and dresses like this have played a huge role in helping me regain confidence in my daily outfits. I’ve been getting lots of compliments on this really easy look paired with some black jeans and a rad statement necklace.

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Jeans: H&M // Booties: Sam Edelman

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Never Let Me Go Skater Dress c/o Tobi

My witchy side absolutely loved this bell sleeved skater dress. But my newly acquired booty and boobies were not having it. The dress is super short and super lowcut, so I’d have to conjure up some wardrobe witchcraft (e.g. dress tape and tights) in order to wear it out of the house. But it’s a beautiful piece I’ll definitely be pulling out of the closet for photoshoots in the future. If you’re more of a leggy goddess like the site model, definitely don’t be afraid to rock it with a wide brim hat and some booties.

ps. This outdoor space is our newly decorated patio hangout that I’ll be sharing here on the blog soon!

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

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If you haven’t heard of Tobi, definitely check them out! For your first order, you’ll get 50% off. So go snag one of these pieces or browse the rest of their awesome digs.

I Have More To Offer Than My Naked Body: A Rant About Sexism in Nerd Culture

I think Star Wars sexual puns are as entertaining as the next person. And I openly welcome clever “who shot first?” innuendos in response to my “sexy Greedo” cosplay. The costume is meant to be funny; it’s a play on the current sexualization of Star Wars; I can handle the jokes and I actually invite them. But when the harmless nerdy fun transitions into uncalled-for sexist and downright objectifying behavior, that’s where you awaken the brazen feminist bitch within me.

This last week, my Facebook fan page received an influx of new followers in appreciation of my Greedo cosplay from this last SDCC. Cool. Great. Awesome. But then I got this comment from some random dude on an unrelated post about what my followers would like to see more of from me. The comment read something like this (he since deleted it after my response): “With all due respect, the only answer to this would most likely be, ‘You. Naked.’ Don’t blame me; I just came here after seeing your Greedo cosplay. ;P”


:now entering rage mode:

So my cosplay somehow warrants disrespectful comments on unrelated posts? Because I cosplay as a “sexy” character, I cease to exist as anything more than a body for ogling, void of any additional interests or talents? Sure, make all the premature ejaculation jokes about Han “shooting first”. But don’t step onto my turf and tell me that the only thing people would be interested in seeing more from me is my naked body. Certainly I don’t have anything else of interest to offer my followers. +1 for trying to preface a disrespectful comment with “with all due respect”.

This obviously isn’t the first time I’ve ever had to deal with sexism and misogyny in the geekdom. And I’m certainly not the first to ever rant about it either. But what numbs my mind about this comment is I think this guy (and so many other offenders) actually thought he was paying me a compliment. That I should be flattered people enjoyed my cosplay and think I’m attractive to the point that they want to see more.

This sort of ignorant objectification needs to stop.

Women are not pieces of meat for your visual consumption. And while some of us may embrace our sexuality and enjoy flaunting our assets or dressing up as our favorite scantily-clad characters, none of it is for you. You don’t suddenly gain authority over our bodies or permission to make comments about it simply because we choose to show it. “Cosplay is not consent.” Ladies, take a stand when you are, or you see someone being objectified. Say something, speak out, and have it be known that it is NOT okay to reduce women, and people in general, to mere things to be used and disrespected.

// This has been a PSA from your friendly neighborhood female cosplayer with a smokin’ hot bod who also is a blogger, published photographer, freelance graphic designer, antiques & taxidermy enthusiast, bone collector, horror movie fanatic, and studier of feminist theory (in other words, I have more interesting things to share than another set of boobs on the Internet).