I Have More To Offer Than My Naked Body: A Rant About Sexism in Nerd Culture

I think Star Wars sexual puns are as entertaining as the next person. And I openly welcome clever “who shot first?” innuendos in response to my “sexy Greedo” cosplay. The costume is meant to be funny; it’s a play on the current sexualization of Star Wars; I can handle the jokes and I actually invite them. But when the harmless nerdy fun transitions into uncalled-for sexist and downright objectifying behavior, that’s where you awaken the brazen feminist bitch within me.

This last week, my Facebook fan page received an influx of new followers in appreciation of my Greedo cosplay from this last SDCC. Cool. Great. Awesome. But then I got this comment from some random dude on an unrelated post about what my followers would like to see more of from me. The comment read something like this (he since deleted it after my response): “With all due respect, the only answer to this would most likely be, ‘You. Naked.’ Don’t blame me; I just came here after seeing your Greedo cosplay. ;P”


:now entering rage mode:

So my cosplay somehow warrants disrespectful comments on unrelated posts? Because I cosplay as a “sexy” character, I cease to exist as anything more than a body for ogling, void of any additional interests or talents? Sure, make all the premature ejaculation jokes about Han “shooting first”. But don’t step onto my turf and tell me that the only thing people would be interested in seeing more from me is my naked body. Certainly I don’t have anything else of interest to offer my followers. +1 for trying to preface a disrespectful comment with “with all due respect”.

This obviously isn’t the first time I’ve ever had to deal with sexism and misogyny in the geekdom. And I’m certainly not the first to ever rant about it either. But what numbs my mind about this comment is I think this guy (and so many other offenders) actually thought he was paying me a compliment. That I should be flattered people enjoyed my cosplay and think I’m attractive to the point that they want to see more.

This sort of ignorant objectification needs to stop.

Women are not pieces of meat for your visual consumption. And while some of us may embrace our sexuality and enjoy flaunting our assets or dressing up as our favorite scantily-clad characters, none of it is for you. You don’t suddenly gain authority over our bodies or permission to make comments about it simply because we choose to show it. “Cosplay is not consent.” Ladies, take a stand when you are, or you see someone being objectified. Say something, speak out, and have it be known that it is NOT okay to reduce women, and people in general, to mere things to be used and disrespected.

// This has been a PSA from your friendly neighborhood female cosplayer with a smokin’ hot bod who also is a blogger, published photographer, freelance graphic designer, antiques & taxidermy enthusiast, bone collector, horror movie fanatic, and studier of feminist theory (in other words, I have more interesting things to share than another set of boobs on the Internet).

Wednesday Wardrobe – Leather Weather

Tis the season here in California where everyone starts to bust out the leather jackets. There’s just something about the temp drop that calls for a bold fashion statement like this sleek and sexy material to keep you warm and looking bad-ass. For an even bolder look, I’m rockin’ a tight leather skirt. I love “winters” in San Diego because we can bundle up in sweaters and beanies and still work a little skin in our brisk yet sunny weather.

I haven’t worn this skirt in a long time and I usually reserve it for night-time outings. But in my efforts to get more creative in my closet, I dressed it down into a day-appropriate outfit with some casual knits, like this slouchy beanie and knee-highsocks. My cat-caller gave this look a 5-star holler.

Leather can be bit intimidating for girls who have never tried it out. If you’re afraid of looking “too sexy” or don’t know where to start when styling a leather skirt, check out these awesome tips from Glamour for pulling off the leather skirt look.

Copy Cat: 1// Black Long Sleeve Crop Top, Karmaloop | 2// Knit Beanie, Krochet Kids | 3// Black Western Boots, Zappos
4// Leather Zipper Skirt, Forever 21 | 5// Skeleton Key Necklace, Etsy

Wednesday Wardrobe – Boots On the Cold Concrete

I’m back with a long overdue Wednesday Wardrobe! To be honest, I haven’t been dressing up much lately. Something about fall just makes me want to wear the same thing every day for as long as I can get away with it (who’s with me?). This outfit has pretty much been my uniform for the last couple weeks: black skater skirt, knee high black socks, black boots, some black crop top, and of course my signature black fedora. However, I’ve felt pressured lately to start switching it up after some random guy in my Feminist Science Studies class straight up told me I wear the same hat every day (it’s true, but I was like Excuse me?). Since then, I’ve been making it a point to not wear this hat to that class and start getting creative in the closet again. But before I start doing that, I just wanted to share how awesome this outfit is! Can you blame me for wearing it multiple days in a row?

I scored these perfect black cowboy boots at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for just $8 (the guy originally wanted $15 for them, but he practically was ready to give them to me for free). This top was also yet another fantastic $5 find during Urban Outfitters’ additional-50%-off-all-sale-items sales (if you’ve never shopped their sale racks during these, you’re seriously missing out). And of course my dainty little squirrel paw earrings Dave bought at Necromance on our 6 year anniversary date! I’m not usually a huge fan of taxidermy jewelry like this (I’m more of a bone girl), but they were just the right amount of creepy and eccentric while still feminine and strangely beautiful.

Oh! And I’ve included a semi-new feature for my Wednesday Wardrobe posts below. In the past, my Copy Cat collages just featured the same exact pieces I was wearing, most of them no longer for sale. But now I’ve rounded up a collection of similar items that are currently available for purchase, and I make sure whenever possible to only suggest items that are under $50. So check ’em out! (Pro tip: for anyone who has been lusting after my hat, I’d snatch up that very similar fedora below while they still have it!)

Copy Cat: 1// Black Skater Skirt, Nasty Gal | 2// Mineral Wash Crop Tee, Forever 21 | 3// Black Western Boots, Zappos
4// Black Fedora, Forever 21 | 5// Knee High Socks, Forever 21

Fiction Fashion – Shaun of the Dead

For today’s Fiction Fashion, here’s a simple costume idea for the gents. Put on white oxford and red tie. Grab cricket bat. Take car. Go to Mums. Kill Phil. Grab Liz. Go to the Winchester. Have a nice gold pint and wait for all of this to blow over.

1 // Red Striped Tie, Bon Ton | 2 // White Short Sleeve Oxford, RVCA | 3 // Cricket Bat, Amazon | 4 // Watch, Nordstrom
5 // You’ve Got Red On You Button, Etsy | 6 // Foree Electric Name Tag, Amazon | 7 // Red Pen, JCPenny

Fiction Fashion – Ash Williams (Evil Dead)

The Evil Dead franchise is undoubtedly one of my all-time favorite things ever (seriously. ever.). There’s nothing I love more than cheesy old-school splatter films with horrible acting, epic one-liners, and unbridled over-the-top gore. So for today’s Fiction Fashion, we’re taking some style tips out of the Necronomicon and gearing up in the best outfit for fighting evil deadites.

1 // Necronomicon Locket, Etsy | 2 // Combat Boots, Nasty Gal | 3 // Denim Shirt, Forever 21| 4 // Zombie Chainsaw Socks, UO
5 // Leather Harness, Moda Operandi | 6 // Cut Offs, Pink Mascara | 7 // Boomstick, Amazon | 8 // Chainsaw, Amazon