Wednesday Wardrobe – Leather Weather

Tis the season here in California where everyone starts to bust out the leather jackets. There’s just something about the temp drop that calls for a bold fashion statement like this sleek and sexy material to keep you warm and looking bad-ass. For an even bolder look, I’m rockin’ a tight leather skirt. I love “winters” in San Diego because we can bundle up in sweaters and beanies and still work a little skin in our brisk yet sunny weather.

I haven’t worn this skirt in a long time and I usually reserve it for night-time outings. But in my efforts to get more creative in my closet, I dressed it down into a day-appropriate outfit with some casual knits, like this slouchy beanie and knee-highsocks. My cat-caller gave this look a 5-star holler.

Leather can be bit intimidating for girls who have never tried it out. If you’re afraid of looking “too sexy” or don’t know where to start when styling a leather skirt, check out these awesome tips from Glamour for pulling off the leather skirt look.

Copy Cat: 1// Black Long Sleeve Crop Top, Karmaloop | 2// Knit Beanie, Krochet Kids | 3// Black Western Boots, Zappos
4// Leather Zipper Skirt, Forever 21 | 5// Skeleton Key Necklace, Etsy

Wednesday Wardrobe – Boots On the Cold Concrete

I’m back with a long overdue Wednesday Wardrobe! To be honest, I haven’t been dressing up much lately. Something about fall just makes me want to wear the same thing every day for as long as I can get away with it (who’s with me?). This outfit has pretty much been my uniform for the last couple weeks: black skater skirt, knee high black socks, black boots, some black crop top, and of course my signature black fedora. However, I’ve felt pressured lately to start switching it up after some random guy in my Feminist Science Studies class straight up told me I wear the same hat every day (it’s true, but I was like Excuse me?). Since then, I’ve been making it a point to not wear this hat to that class and start getting creative in the closet again. But before I start doing that, I just wanted to share how awesome this outfit is! Can you blame me for wearing it multiple days in a row?

I scored these perfect black cowboy boots at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for just $8 (the guy originally wanted $15 for them, but he practically was ready to give them to me for free). This top was also yet another fantastic $5 find during Urban Outfitters’ additional-50%-off-all-sale-items sales (if you’ve never shopped their sale racks during these, you’re seriously missing out). And of course my dainty little squirrel paw earrings Dave bought at Necromance on our 6 year anniversary date! I’m not usually a huge fan of taxidermy jewelry like this (I’m more of a bone girl), but they were just the right amount of creepy and eccentric while still feminine and strangely beautiful.

Oh! And I’ve included a semi-new feature for my Wednesday Wardrobe posts below. In the past, my Copy Cat collages just featured the same exact pieces I was wearing, most of them no longer for sale. But now I’ve rounded up a collection of similar items that are currently available for purchase, and I make sure whenever possible to only suggest items that are under $50. So check ’em out! (Pro tip: for anyone who has been lusting after my hat, I’d snatch up that very similar fedora below while they still have it!)

Copy Cat: 1// Black Skater Skirt, Nasty Gal | 2// Mineral Wash Crop Tee, Forever 21 | 3// Black Western Boots, Zappos
4// Black Fedora, Forever 21 | 5// Knee High Socks, Forever 21

Wednesday Wardrobe – Floral First Impressions

The first week of school is always amusing when you notice how many people obviously spent the night before picking out their outfits. It’s nice to see everyone actually put a little effort into looking presentable (before they succumb to the evils of sweatpants and Uggs…). First impressions are undeniably important, and the number one way to make a good first impression is through dress and physical appearance.

I remember in high school I picked a particular band t-shirt to wear as a sort of mating call to potential friends who liked the same music (fyi, it was either an MCR or The Used tee – an angsty emo essential). Without fail, I met my long-haired-tight-pants-wearing high school best friend on the first day, and he and I spent our days listening to music at lunch and going to shows on the weekends. Now that I’m finishing up college, I’m a lot less concerned with making scenester friends and more focused on impressing my professors and colleagues, as they play an important role in my success. Your first day outfit can say a lot about your personality and how serious you are about your education and your future.

For my first day, I chose to wear this sleeveless floral button up with a black chiffon skirt, cinched with an accent belt, and frosted with bronze accessories for a dressy look that still feels comfortable and casual. I didn’t have time to do my hair in the morning and I didn’t want to look too done up, so I let it curl naturally after my shower the night before and just pinned some back to look more put together. I also wanted a bit more pep in my step so I threw on these causal wedges for some extra height and style without sacrificing comfort. This outfit took me no more than 10 minutes to throw together, but the effect it has on my first impressions and my confidence can last throughout the semester.

Copy Cat: 1// Sleeveless Floral Print Button Up – Forever 21 2// Accent Belt – Asos 3// Black Chiffon Midi Skirt – Urban Outfitters 4// Sally Hansen Slick Slate – Target 5// Mossimo Strappy Wedges – Target 6// Gold Leaf Dangle Earrings – Forever 21

Wednesday Wardrobe – Studded Black & Blue

I kind of took an unintentional hiatus these past few weeks. Oopsie! With working Warped Tour, attending our church’s Empower conference, preparing for Comic Con coming up, and leaving for another tour this month, blogging has been at the very bottom of my priority list. But not being able to blog and share all the exciting things happening in my life has been bumming me out. Not to mention how crazy disorganized I’ve been lately without some form of structured schedule. So I made a conscious decision yesterday to plot out a new editorial calendar for this month and get a little creative structure going on in my life again.

Needless to say, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a Wednesday Wardrobe. I’ve basically been living in tank tops and house dresses for the last several weeks (I apologize for nothing). But with this resolution to be more organized and routinely productive, I’m also going to start putting more effort into my outfits again. I planned out so many cute getups for the Empower conference this last weekend and I forgot how good it feels to be complimented on an outfit. It might sound silly to some people who don’t “get” fashion, but that little extra confidence boost makes all the difference in how you experience the world.

Copy Cat: 1// Lucca Couture Studded Collar Top – Urban Outfitters2// Sheer Black Tights – Target3// Mossimo Ankle Boots – Target4// Wool Chain Fedora – Forever 215// Black Shorts – Forever 21

Wednesday Wardrobe – Summer Tank Worn Three Ways

Summer is fast approaching, which means I’m about to get real comfortable living in the same tank top every single day. I don’t know about you, but I’m overcome with a complete lack of fashion motivation when the heat takes over. If I’m sweating in the morning, the last thing I care to do is riffle through my closet for an outfit. That’s why I usually create an arsenal of go-to summer getups I rotate during the weeks. But wearing the same few things over and over again all throughout summer can start to get boring. I know Dave gets tired of seeing me in the same cotton floral dresses, so I trick him into thinking I’ve changed. ;) By accessorizing! Yep. Here’s how I’ve managed to get away with wearing this tank top three times this week.

Change up your basic pieces with different shoes, accent jewelry, statement pieces like a hat, layering, or alternating bottoms (shorts, pants, or maybe tucked into a skirt). Get creative while staying comfortable during the hot months ahead.

Thrift Tip: Denim vests have been in style for a while, but I’m seeing a lot of them in stores lately like Forever 21. And they’re going for about $25 to $40. Maybe you like to spend that kind of unnecessary money, but this thrift vulture does not. Go to a thrift store, buy a cheap denim jacket (I got my GAP one for $10 at Atlantis Attic in Williamsburg), and cut the sleeves off yourself. Tada! And it already comes with that worn “vintage” look for half the price.

Also, I just have to brag about my latest cheap deal on this tank top. This Obey tank typically goes for $48 (currently $34 on sale). Why you would spend that much on a tank top, I have no idea. But I got it new with tags at the swap meet for $15. Boom!

Copy Cat: 1// Heather Charcoal Pocket Tank – Obey2// Mossimo Cognac Western Boot – Target3// Cut Off Denim Vest – thrifted4// Cognac Studded Skinny Belt – Forever 215// Brick Red Corduroy Shorts – RVCA