Fresh Start After a Long Hiatus

Feels good to be getting back into the swing of blogging! I felt my long absence warranted some sort of comeback statement, so here’s a little update on my plans for this blog from here on out.

Bloggers keep throwing the word “niche” around, and I finally sat down and figured out my own. I always knew I blogged about too many things and that made it difficult for readers to stay engaged. Furthermore, I lost interest in writing and coming up with post ideas for such a broad readership. Just slightly narrowing my focus this last week, I’ve been inspired to write so many new posts and can’t wait to see where this blog goes in the next couple months.

I’ll be posting 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – and will only be focusing on the following topics:

✳ Photography & design – That includes: my work (final pieces, works in progress, moodboards); tips and articles for fellow creatives and clients; freebies like wallpapers and other downloadables; and maybe the occasional roundup of design styles currently inspiring me.

✳ Curiosities & oddities – My interest in the strange, unusual, and natural world is such a huge part of what fuels the inspiration for my work, and I want to share those curiosities with you guys. I plan to highlight more of my collections; continue to feature artists with a similarly odd aesthetic; share info about unique objects and places you might otherwise not know about; and compile unique wishlists / gift guides like I’ve done in the past. I’m working on another bone processing article, and may share some other info down the road about collecting.

✳ Personal life – I’m going to be doing A LOT less personal blogging. I realized I didn’t enjoy blogging about my day-to-day life anymore. So now I’m only going to be sharing artsy stuff like photography from our personal travels and adventures; link roundups to articles I’m inspired by and want to share with you; and the occasional bucket list. No more “Life Lately” posts or fashion/outfit features.

My main aspiration for this blog is to inspire. Inspire you to create, and inspire you to explore and get curious about the unusual odds and ends that make the world interesting. More than just sharing my own work, I want this blog to feel like peering into a curiosity cabinet, wandering through a natural history museum, or poking through a quirky antique store (the kind that keeps miscellaneous baby doll heads next to the 1950s pyrex bowls).

So I hope you’ll keep reading and discovering cool new things with me!

2014 Reader Survey Results

The results are in! Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in my reader survey. I had a lot of fun going over your answers and each response gave me some super helpful insight and inspiration on how to improve this blog. :) Below I’ve nerded out over the stats and created this little infograph.

The print winner will be emailed later today! Congrats to Daughter Zion for winning the randomly selected print giveaway! If you don’t win this time, don’t fret. I plan on doing a few more art giveaways in the near future.

Stuck with Pins Reader Survey & Print Giveaway

As we’re quickly approaching a new year, resolutions and plans for improvement are on my mind. I’ve spent the last two years exploring the blogging world and trying to find my own niche, what things I enjoy sharing, what things you guys like reading, etc. It’s been equal parts fun, confusing, frustrating, and rewarding. I’m still learning, but I really want to go into next year (and these last two months) strong. So I’ve put together a reader survey that will help me get a better idea of how to move forward from here. I want to hear your feedback on what you love or don’t love about Stuck with Pins, and what you’d like to see more of here. I’d very much appreciate your honest feedback. So please help me out by taking my reader survey! :)

To give a little incentive, by filling out the survey, you’ll be entered to win a 17×13″ print of my piece Necromance. Just leave your email at the end of the survey so I can contact you if you win. I’ll share the winner and the summary of the results sometime next week. Thanks so much everyone! Can’t wait to read your input!