Wednesday Wardrobe – Chocolate & Grey

Have I talked about how cheap I am before? I am the queen of cheap. So much so, that I scoff at most anything with a price tag above $22. My latest thrifty acquisition is this super soft button up from Urban Outfitters I got for $10 during their additional 50% off sale items sale. If you haven’t yet been to one of these sales, you need to sign up for their newsletter right now and make sure you don’t miss another one. Each time they come around, Dave, my sister, and I hit up every Urban in San Diego County and scrounge the sale racks like vultures.

Also, I’ve just discovered the miracle of putting coconut oil in your hair. I have a really crazy naturally wavy and usually frizzy dry mane. I used to hate my hair so much when I was growing up, and either pulled it back into a tight ponytail or straightened the life out of it. I’ve finally come to love my luscious locks and usually just let them do their thing. I often avoid brushing my hair (seriously only once a week) because that’s when the frizz attack happens. But the other day I decided to try brushing it out and rubbing some coconut oil directly in. MAGIC! I don’t think my hair has ever looked so shiny and tamed. Despite having natural waves, I typically have to use a curling wand just to make the curls look smoother. But the coconut oil took my natural curls and gave them life. Next I tried washing my hair with some apple cider vinegar, which is supposed to make it shiny and smooth. Well, you be the judge! These photos above are of my hair freshly washed the night before with apple cider vinegar, naturally dried, then moisturized with coconut oil, no styling what-so-ever. I’ve officially become the crazy person who swears by putting food on your head. But seriously, stop wasting money on expensive styling products like Biosilk and just buy yourself a big jar of coconut oil at the grocery store.

Copy Cat: 1// Ecote Night Hawk Knit Surplus Shirt (Grey Button Up) – Urban Outfitters2// Charcoal Grey Denim Shorts – Forever 213// Madden Girl Banterr Tan Braided Sandals – Steve Madden4// Wool Chain Fedora – Forever 215// Perforated Leather Belt Round Buckle – thrifted

Wednesday Wardrobe – Black on Black on Black on Black

I love black. Black on black every day. The absence of color is so sleek and striking. Plus, how awesome are peplums? Hello instant curves! I’ve never owned anything peplum until Nowistyle sent me this lovely piece, and I’m really diggin’ the shape. I’ve also been obsessed lately with strappy garments (love all these harnesses and stringy lingerie I keep seeing across the web). Perfect for awkward summer tan lines. Lastly, click on that little Nowistyle link below and see my debut on their website as one of their official bloggers. :)

Copy Cat: 1// Black Peplum Tank – Nowistyle2// Coated Denim Pants – Urban Outfitters3// Black Litas – Jeffrey Campbell4// Wool Chain Fedora – Forever 215// Triangle Necklace – Forever 21

Wednesday Wardrobe – Pink & Cognac

Guys, I’m wearing pink. What’s happening to me?! Sometimes Nowistyle throws a curve ball my way and sends me something way outside my wardrobe norm. But I’m always up for the challenge! Take more risks with your own outfits. Explore something new, pick a color you’d never imagine yourself wearing, or a cut you haven’t had the guts to try on. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Copy Cat: 1// A-Line Sleeve Top – Nowistyle2// Key Necklace – Forever 213// Cognac Studded Skinny Belt – Forever 214// Mossimo Cognac Western Boot – Target

Wednesday Wardrobe – Goodbye Grey Skies

As it’s warming up in San Diego, I bid one last farewell to my pea coat and drapey sweaters. This particular beige top is another one courtesy of Nowistyle. I love the uneven cut at the bottom and how it looks peaking out from a jacket. I’m not sure I’ll ever get sick of the cozy paired with leather pants look either. Alas, my leather pants are being traded in for leather shorts pretty soon. I’m gonna miss all my fall/winter wear, but I’m ready for some summer dresses, short shorts, and tank tops.

Copy Cat:1// A-Line Sweater – Nowistyle2// Coated Denim Pants – Urban Outfitters3// Leather Key Necklace – gifted4// Wool Chain Fedora – Forever 215// Black Litas – Jeffrey Campbell6// Black Peacoat – Forever 21

Wednesday Wardrobe – Sunset in the City

More lovely pieces from Nowistyle! It’s funny that when I opened my big box of goodies, the first thing I was drawn to was this oversized black sweatshirt. Out of all the cute tops inside, I went straight for the the plainest piece. I wore it for almost an entire week! It’s so comfy and has just the right amount of flair so I still look fashionable and not lazy, haha. I’ve also been wanting a pair of wine-colored pants, so I was extremely excited to get these in my Nowistyle package. A few pops of color and an accent necklace can turn a cozy jeans-and-sweater outfit into a pretty cute getup.

Copy Cat: 1// Oversized Two-Tone Sweatshirt – Nowistyle2// Wool Chain Fedora – Forever 213// BDG Pointy Pony Skimmer – Urban Outfitters4// Key Necklace – Forever 21 5// Wine Skinny Pants – Nowistyle