Outfit : Strappy with Tobi

Laced Up High Shift Dress c/o Tobi

Back at it again with another style collaboration with Tobi! I absolutely love all their black dresses with interesting details. An all-black wardrobe can start to feel a bit repetitive, so I look for unique takes on simple pieces – like the eye-catching effect of this deep-plunging lace up front. Shift dresses are not usually my thing since they can look a tad boxy, but this dress shows off the right amount of skin to keep it flattering.

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Boots: Nocona Boots (thrifted)

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Dusk to Dawn Maxi Dress c/o Tobi

Another strappy piece I had to have! I pretty much lived in long flowy maxi dresses all summer, but this one really made a statement with its super open back and criss-cross straps (my husband had to help lace me into it the first time I wore it, haha). I love the peacock-style crochet detailing on the front and the lightweight gauzy fabric. It even pairs nicely with a leather jacket, so I’ll be taking this style with me into Fall.

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Leather Jacket: Muubaa // Wedges: Mossimo

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Shop more pieces at tobi.com and take advantage of their awesome deals. For your first order, you’ll get 50% off.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post provided by Tobi, but all opinions are my own – I really do love their clothes. ;)

20 Lapel Pins for Spooky Babes

I’m mildly obsessed with lapel pins right now – as is everyone with a leather jacket on Instagram apparently. If cutesy flaire of emojis and 90’s Leo DiCaprio aren’t your style, try these on for size. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite darkly beautiful and creepy cute enamel pins for all you spooky babes out there.

1. Hand Rose Card by Alice Ferrow // 2. Moth by Caitlin Stout // 3. Scorpion by Kristina Micotti // 4. Dagger by Shrimp Sauce // 5. UFO by Bermuda Press // 6. Raven Claw by Lady Bones Press // 7. Skull Moth Poppies by Shrimp Sauce // 8. Skull hands by Alida Bevirt // 9. Crescent Moon by Explorer’s Press // 10. Crying Heart by Cousins Collective // 11. Black Heart by Segovia Amil // 12. Matchstick by Knot to Self // 13. Beetle by Kristina Micotti // 14. Burning Candle by Rambling Hands // 15. Black Teardrop by Inner Decay // 16. Never Sleep by Ahoy Kollektiv // 17. Watch Your Step Coffin by Graves // 18. Raven by Jess Hrycyk // 19. Black Lipstick by TATY // 20. Burning Hand by Beeteeth

Black on Black and Sometimes Olive

Black Solange Tunic Dress c/o Tobi

I was thrilled when Tobi reached out to me collaborate on a few looks. They have a wide selection of great pieces to choose from – even for this all-black-wearing vamp. I had a difficult time picking from all of their beautiful black dresses, but this asymmetrical tunic dress really stood out and I knew it’d pair awesome with my favorite leather jacket. This piece has become a regular in my weekly wardrobe rotation for an effortless yet bold look.

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Leather Jacket: Muubaa // Boots: Steve Madden

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Olive Fully Flared Day Dress c/o Tobi

For my second piece, I picked this simple olive day dress. Obviously, I’m very into the causal dress vibe lately. Real talk – a big reason I stopped doing wardrobe posts was because I fell victim to newlywed weight gain (#happyweight) and felt shitty about myself in almost all my clothing. I’ve learned to pick pieces that work for my curvy yet petite body type, and dresses like this have played a huge role in helping me regain confidence in my daily outfits. I’ve been getting lots of compliments on this really easy look paired with some black jeans and a rad statement necklace.

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Jeans: H&M // Booties: Sam Edelman

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Never Let Me Go Skater Dress c/o Tobi

My witchy side absolutely loved this bell sleeved skater dress. But my newly acquired booty and boobies were not having it. The dress is super short and super lowcut, so I’d have to conjure up some wardrobe witchcraft (e.g. dress tape and tights) in order to wear it out of the house. But it’s a beautiful piece I’ll definitely be pulling out of the closet for photoshoots in the future. If you’re more of a leggy goddess like the site model, definitely don’t be afraid to rock it with a wide brim hat and some booties.

ps. This outdoor space is our newly decorated patio hangout that I’ll be sharing here on the blog soon!

Dress: Tobi // Hat: Forever 21 // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

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If you haven’t heard of Tobi, definitely check them out! For your first order, you’ll get 50% off. So go snag one of these pieces or browse the rest of their awesome digs.

Valio Con Personal Recap

Longtime no see, blog world! I’ve sincerely missed blogging and I’m striving to carve time out for it in my life again moving forward.

Now with the formal “Sorry for not posting in forever” intros out of the way, I want to pop in with an awesome update!

As those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook may have seen, I was recently honored with the opportunity to speak at Valio Con, a designer conference here in San Diego. It was my first speaking gig and such an exhilarating, inspiring experience. I met so many awesome people, listened in on talks from some incredibly talented creatives, and all-in-all spent 4 days soaking up a wealth of knowledge I can’t even begin to encapsulate in this one post.

Coming off the high of this past weekend, I’m super inspired to keep the momentum going and continue sharing my insights, experiences, and learned knowledge as a designer/photographer/creative of many talents.

While I impatiently wait for the recap videos to come out, I wanted to share a few points from some of my favorite talks.

Ash Huang closed us out on Thursday and her talk was by far my favorite of the first day. Even though this was a designer conference, Ash spoke on her experience writing and publishing her first fantasy novel – something that totally spoke to my long-lost writers heart. I absolutely loved her “why not?” attitude and her statement, “Don’t wait to be chosen.” So if there’s something you want to be doing, go out there and make shit happen. Even if it means scrapping everything and starting over, keep going for it.

The second talk I loved was the last talk of the conference from Alex Medina. He talked about his journey through music and design in the hip-hop scene. Coming from a migrant family living in New York, he didn’t let limits be his limitations. His mother challenged him, saying if she could finish school with her broken english, what was his excuse? I loved Alex’s pure passion for his work. One particular example really spoke to me. He designed the cover for Lecrae’s book Unashamed, and after designing several iterations, the publishers chose his least favorite option (as clients are notoriously wont to do). But that didn’t sit right with him and he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if that was the cover that went out into the world. So he fought for a second chance to make something better, and mocked it up like crazy to prove it was the better option. He challenged all of us with the notion that we, as designers, are hired for a reason. We need to trust our instincts and be willing to stand up for them. Our ideas are valuable.

Anyways, make sure to check out these designers and the rest of the talented people listed on the Valio Con website. Their work is all so incredible and I’m still beaming from the opportunity be among them.

Snowy Adventures with Scout

On New Years Day, we headed up to Mount Laguna for a walk through the forest with Scout. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than breathing in fresh mountain air with the late afternoon sun on our skin. Patches of snow clung to the shady spots in the meadow and underneath the trees. So Scout experienced her very first snow day! And let me tell you – you haven’t seen pure happiness until you’ve seen a cattle dog chasing pinecones through the snow. Not pictured are the handful of photos I took of her rolling uncontrollably and darting through the snow-covered grass, leaving flurries of ice behind her while we died laughing. If there’s one resolution I have this year, it’s to do more of this.

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